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We have installed puts all over the Western Cape.


Puts are normally installed in areas where there are a lot of stone or clay.


We use "BIG" concrete rings so that it can hold more water.

Its comes with a galvanize lid and a booster pump.

Our Put installations cost about R25 000 for a complete installation.




Key Benefits of this Service

The use of groundwater takes the pressure off our potable water resources, considerably reducing your Municipal bill as well as adding value to your property.

Save potable water
Groundwater use for irrigation of gardens and topping up of swimming pools is currently free and not regulated…yet
Water savings immediately and in the future – the installation pays for itself after a year or two
Add value to your property
Better for the environment and the landscape – no long term effects found to date
We live in an area that replenishes its groundwater reserves every year during our wet winter


We have many years of experience in all phases of water saving and purifying solutions and our customer focused approach makes us the best water saving and purifying solutions company!
With many years of experience we are a trusted water saving and purifying solutions company that offers great quality services for many clients in the Western Cape. We have a wide range of solutions to suit your needs.
Quality work guaranteed from day 1
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